L'occasion idéale pour retourner au Bastar : Diyari Diwali


"A Unique Diwali of Bastar ' Diyari'

In other parts of the country, people celebrate the festival for gaining prosperity and wealth but celebrations at Bastar have a twist. For them, the festival of light does not mean fireworks and worshipping goddess Lakshmi, they worship their crops, organise marriage, perform ‘Lakshmi Jagar’ and other rituals for their cattle and crops which is traditionally known as ‘Diyari’.

They celebrate the occasion for three days where they worship their soil and crops in form ofgoddess Lakshmi. Priests and village chief meet to discuss the three-day long celebration of ‘Diyari’.
On the first day, they perform the marriage of budding crops with Narayan Raja.

On the second day, they cook a special mixture known as ‘Khichadi’ for their pets. They also decoratetheir pets and perform special puja.
On the third day of celebration, they perform the rituals of ‘Godhan’ puja in which they offer alcohol to their pets and host a race between them.
The fourth day is known as ‘Barsi Tihar’ in which Bastar tribals use to take lots of alcohol and enjoy the day.





Stéphanie LANGLET sur

Chhattisgarh Tribal