Amatu Artea Blog has numerous posts on my trips since 2004. To facilitate the access, I've began to create a destination page on the site directly. This page is under construction and will change through time as some travel stories have only photos, some others are Travelogue.

A few articles concern my holidays rental in the South-West of France, 15 minutes from famous Landes beaches and the Bask Country.

The blog also became collaborative !!! Since the beginning of May 2015, I've invited my numerous contacts from Chhattisgarh to share their knowledge and love of their wonderful tribal area. It was so normal to make them a part from the new popularity I have for this off-beat destination, as I learn a lot everyday thanks to them.

If you wish to join the adventure (subjects : Chhattisgarh and Bask Country / Landes only), it's very simple : sign-in for free on the website. You'll be able to propose some events or blog posts.


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How to enjoy the best of tribal Chhattisgarh

Do you dream as Marc, a canadian athropologist, to discover some preserved and friendly tribes ?

If the answer is yes, Chhattisgarh, especially Bastar District, is for you !


These are some visit suggestions, my friends contacts, my firm-favourite and a suggested itinerary to prepare your trip and realize your dream.


Bastar Gonds

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Suggest me some exciting things to do in Vietnam

A few days ago, I received a request from my indian blogger friend Abhinav who is preparing a trip to Vietnam. 

As he knew I had met the minorities there, he contacted me with this question : Suggest me some exciting things to do in Vietnam​.

So I gave him a suggestion for his itinerary, the informations for the special military area of the North East.

We also talked about the World biggest cave, Hang Son Doong, the behaviour of certain people and Halong Bay.

Here are all the informations you need about Northern Vietnam !


Bac ha vietnam


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How Chhattisgarh Tribes give life a new exciting perspective

Will you become an ambassador of this incredible adivasi culture



Don't miss the opportunity to play a major role in the preservation of a fascinating culture.

Learn how you can do it at the end of this article.



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The secret of the long hair of Asian women : Amla

You want to have the same long and dark (black or brown) hair than Bollywood actresses ?

You want to take more care of your bear ?

You lose your hair, its turn grey or white ?

Like me, you dream not to have white or grey hair at 42 years old ?


During my second trip in India, I have discovered the indian secret for so beautiful hair : amla oil.

I became addicted to amla for my hair. In this article, I'll explain everything : how to use it, how my hair was before and after amla, the alternative products... 



How to use amla for beautiful long hair

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