Amatu Artea Blog has numerous posts on my trips since 2004. To facilitate the access, I've began to create a destination page on the site directly. This page is under construction and will change through time as some travel stories have only photos, some others are Travelogue.

A few articles concern my holidays rental in the South-West of France, 15 minutes from famous Landes beaches and the Bask Country.

The blog also became collaborative !!! Since the beginning of May 2015, I've invited my numerous contacts from Chhattisgarh to share their knowledge and love of their wonderful tribal area. It was so normal to make them a part from the new popularity I have for this off-beat destination, as I learn a lot everyday thanks to them.

If you wish to join the adventure (subjects : Chhattisgarh and Bask Country / Landes only), it's very simple : sign-in for free on the website. You'll be able to propose some events or blog posts.


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