Asian Festival

  • The annual festival of Spituk monastery in Ladakh / India

    From 2018-01-14 to 2018-01-15 at 00:00

    • Monastery - Spituk
    • Free
    • Duration : 2 days
    Gustor festival is certainly one of the most impressive of Ladakh, despite the number of tourists.

    The Gelugpa Monks (yellow Hats / Dalai Lama branch) perform during two days the mask dance. The monasteries of Stok, Saboo and Sankar are part of Spituk one and all the monks come here.

    The date is different each year, as it depends on the lunar calendar. Different rituals and training take place during the 6 days before the festival.

    The first day of the festival is called Serkem. The monks ...