Dosmochey Festival in Ladakh

From 2017-02-24 to 2017-02-25 at 00:00

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  • Leh and Likir monastery - Leh and Likir
  • Free
  • Duration : 2 days

Dosmochey festival takes place in february in Leh palace, but also in Liker and Deskit monasteries (Nubra Valley). It's one of the most important festivals of Ladakh. It commemorates the victory upon devils. It starts and finish with Tibetan New Year, Losar, for two days. The monks of Takthok monastery prepare the offerings and tie them with a cotton, in a cross shape symbolising the traps of the hungry devils and ghosts. People hope they will help to avoid natural disasters and misadventures all year round. The monks walk with these offerings around Leh on the second day, then they throw it in fire. The crowd cheers and whistles to celebrate the disappearance of the devils outside of Leh, that ends the festival.


Several traditional festivals occur in february all over Ladakh's monasteries. That means it's the perfect time to discover the ladakhi culture, by enjoying both Losar and these religious festivals. 


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