Harbin ice and snow festival

From 2017-01-04 to 2017-02-25 at 00:00

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  • Different places of the city - Harbin
  • Quite expensive. One park = one ticket
  • Duration : At least one month

Several millions visitors come each year to enjoy the magnificent ice festival of Harbin, although chilling temperatures down to... -38° ! The average temperature is -17°. So don't forget several warm clothes layers.

Some of the sculptures are more beautiful at night (starting at 4:30pm) due to the lighting. It's the case of Ice and Snow World. But check the timetable, as some parks close at 9:30pm.


Harbin Ice and snow festival


Some sculptures are made from ice, as the ones of Zhaolin park.


Harbin ice festival


Some others are made from snow, in Sun Island, where it's also possible to practice curling, sledging...


Harbin ice festival


The best period to enjoy the attractions is the beginning of january. It's time for international competitions (snow or ice sculptures, universities contest...), the procession in the city, the opening ceremony, the groups mariage, the international art competition for children, the international winter natation games, and the international fair.


The entrance fees are around 200-300 yuans (25-35€) for one park !


Different places of the city Harbin China

Chinese festival



On Booking, there are 263 hotels in Harbin, starting from 7€ for this period.



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