Via Crucis Vivente of Balmaseda

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The actors of the traditional Alive Station of Cross of Balmaseda (Biscaye Spanish province) are the inhabitants of the city. More than 500 people participate in the organisation of the festival. 

On Good Thursday's evening, there's a big procession around the city: roman guards, penitents and statues of the church go along the streets of the historical district. It's free.


Pasos balmaseda


During the night, they play "la Cène", "the prayer in the olive trees garden" et "Jesus arrestation". You need a ticket for this representation, and it's better to understand Spanish.

On Good Friday, at 9 am, the drums of the roman guards resonate in the city. It's the beginning of the judgement by Ponce Pilate and the hanging of Judas. A ticket is required.

Then comes the free part of the Station of Cross, with Jesus and all the actors going to the Golgotha Mount for the crucifixion. There are several places where special events are played. The tourism information will give you a map where you'll see all these places. But as there's a lot of people, it's very difficult to see everything and it can be better to choose a good place to stay and shoot. Then move to the place of the crucifixion to secure your spot. It's certainly the most impressive moment of the two days.


Via crucis vivente balmaseda


In the late evening, there's the procession of Silence. I was a bit disappointed as people couldn't stay quiet!  


Informations and prices

Balmaseda Balmaseda Biscaye Espagne

Basque festival

Practical information

Balmaseda is situated at 35 kilometres from Bilbao.

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My 2015's experience.

As I don't speak Spanish, on Holy Thursday, I only participate in the pasos procession, at 7 pm.

The next events are not free. You can buy the tickets from the tourism office or online (link above).

My hotel, Posada Calera à Valle de Villaverde, was in the valley, with a beautiful view, a private terrace for my room, a good restaurant and a welcoming staff. I don't recommend it as it was very noisy because of the Spanish guests returning and shouting in the middle of the night. I'll indicate at the end of the article a place I found on the second day (but I didn't try it).

Before the procession, I had time to visit the beautiful old town.


Balmaseda churchBalmaseda bridge



Holy Thursday's procession



Holy Friday

It begins with the paid performances (the trial and Juda's suicide).

The procession starts from the same place. The first video below was shot there.




Tip: ask for the map of the stations at the tourism office.

The tourism office gives a free map of the places where the stations take place.

I shot the second video at the place where the women from Jerusalem meet Jesus and cry.

Listen to the change in the music to know when a station begins.



Jesus meets the women from Jerusalem who cry.



One of the most impressive performances: the crucifixion.

After shooting these two videos, I've been to the crucifixion's place.

I could find a quite good place to shoot. You will notice there was a lot of people but they didn't really care about the performance!







Procesion del silencio

The next and last performance is only around 10 pm. It's the procession of the silence.

As I had a few hours, I took the time to go around the village again and check the price of a hotel I had seen before, Hotel Convento San Roque, in the centre. It's indeed close to the place of the Friday's paid performances. It was not so expensive (60€ single / 80€ double). The prices are indeed different and lower online, but when I checked at the beginning of February, there was no availability for the Holy Week. I guess the prices are higher because of the event and it's only possible to book directly. The comments online go from excellent to average. As I said, I didn't try it and can't tell you if it worth it.

For the last procession, the pasos are taken again around the village, in silence and with the light of the candles.






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