Via Crucis Vivente of Balmaseda

From 2017-04-13 to 2017-04-14 at 00:00 - Yearly until : 2040-01-01

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The actors of the traditional Alive Station of Cross of Balmaseda (Biscaye spanish province) are the inhabitants of the city. More than 500 people participate to the organization of the festival. 

On Good Thursday's evening, there's a big procession around the city : roman guards, penitents and statues of the church go along the streets of the historical district. It's free.


Pasos balmaseda


During the night, they play "la Cène", "the prayer in the olive trees garden" et "Jesus arrestation". You need a ticket for this representation, and it's better to understand spanish.

On Good Friday, at 9am, the drums of the roman guards resonnate in the city. It's the beginning of the judgement by Ponce Pilate and the hanging of Judas. A ticket is requirred.

Then comes the free part of the Station of Cross, with Jesus and all the actors going to the Golgotha Mount for the crucifixion. There are several places where special events are played. The tourism information will give you a map where you'll see all these places. But as there's a lot of people, it's very difficult to see everything and it can be better to choose a good place to stay and shoot. Then move to the place of the crucifixion to secure your spot. It's certainly the most impressive moment of the two days.


Via crucis vivente balmaseda


In the late evening, there's the procession of Silence. I was a bit disappointed as people couldn't stay quiet !  



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