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I'm Stéphanie Langlet, founder of, writer, consultant / trainer for travel companies - Hospitality, Customer Satisfaction, Branding - and travel organizer.


I'm fond of solo travel, India, culture and festival, tribes and minorities. If you want to travel very close to the locals, discover deeply their culture and participate to an authentic and quite unknown festival, this page is for you.


With the community of Amatu Artea and the travel blog, we focus on travels that really afford a deep understanding of the local culture, through places known only by the locals, strong traditions and the participation to offbeat festivals.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the local culture, we help the tribes and minorities to preserve their traditions and handicraft, and give you the informations to help them too, through your presence and respect. 


My objective is simple : initiate you to the indigenous cultures and traditional festivals, help you to discover it also, and promote a tourism respecting the local populations and their culture. 




Stéphanie Langlet

What Will You Find on Amatu Artea ?

You will discover :





  • An agenda for some very traditional festivals in Asia and the basque country and Landes : NEW 




A Few Myths about Traveling

Before going farther, I'd like to talk about a few myths I often hear :


  • "Travelling alone is very dangerous. You're not afraid ?". Why should I be afraid ? I'm not safer in France than at the World's end. It's the unknown that afraid people, and this is a totally normal feeling. As a woman, local people naturally protect me and always tell me where I can go or not. In France, about 11 500 people die each year from a domestic accident. That means 32 people per day. So, do you still think we are safer in our sofa ?


  • "I won't be able, I like my comfort too much". Em... I also like my comfort a lot ! A backpacker trip doesn't mean "no comfort". My living wage is a clean bedroom and a private bathroom, except when I live with some local friends of course. But that's also true that a lot of guesthouses in the backpackers districts, like Khao San Road in Bangkok, think that backpacker means dirty and always the same clothes...


  • "Traveling as you do is very expensive". Let's say that the biggest part of the budget is the plane ticket... For my first ticket to India, I have paid my return trip Paris-Mumbai 333€ all taxes inclusive with the excellent Qatar Airways company. Of course, it was off-season. For accomodation, it's about 10€ for a clean room with private bathroom (but your living wage is maybe not the same and you can save more with a shared bathroom !). In Indonesia and Thailand, a lot of guesthouses are less expensive, through you'll have a beautiful charming room in a bungalow in the middle of a tropical garden. And in China, I used to pay only 2,50€ for a big wooden room with private bathroom (hot water), a beautiful view, and often my own terrace !


  • "You never feel lonely ?" Travelling alone is often the choice of people who want to meet locals easier ! I don't even need to introduce myself. Local people naturally come and talk to me. I'm rarely alone and, when it happens, it's generally because I sometimes need it.


  • "It's too hard to organize a trip by oneself". There's a lot of ressources available to organize a trip : guidebooks, forums, travel blogs, apps, travellers groups and friends... And actually, there's a lot of things you can directly arrange when you visit the country. The only things you absolutely need before your departure are : your plane ticket, your visa, the required vaccines, and a map of the country to get an indicative itinerary and avoid to lose time in useless kilometers. You will be able to organize the local transportations and accomodation when you'll be there. Thanks to internet, it's now very easy to prepare a trip.


  • "You're so brave to travel like that". This is one of the myths I hear the most. And I claim it whithout any shame : I was also totally scared when I travelled alone for the first time ! - em, my second time also as I was crazy enough to go to China after only one trip outside Europe. I told you earlier about the fear of the unknown...


  • "I won't be able to do it, I don't speak the local language". I don't speak chinese, or thai, burmese or hindi, only a few useful words sometimes (and I'm smiling as I'm thinking about the most useful word for a girl, "to go pee"). But of course english is needed, especially in Asia, to talk with local people. Again, it's also possible to find some useful books with illustrations or phrasebooks. And Asian people are generally very ingenious to commmunicate differently with foreigners.


  • "If I want to live a unique and offbeat experience, I have to go far from touristical places". In Angkor Cambodia, Bagan Myanmar, Yangshuo China... I had some awesome experiences and discovered some magnificent places without any tourists. As my dear chinese brother always says, I "have a strong spirit for traveling". Curiosity makes me walk around and discover offbeat places even close to very touristical destinations. 


  • "If I want to meet some authentic tribes, I'll need to reach some very offbeat places". In central India, it's very easy to meet Adivasis (first tribes / inhabitants of India or natives) : in Bastar district in the weekly markets or during their tribal festivals as Bastar Dussehra; in Telangana state in the villages around Adilabad and during Dandari festival. And everywhere in Asia, it's possible to meet minority people preserving their culture. I'm especially thinking of Northern Vietnam, where the markets are so colourful with the most beautiful attires of Flower Hmong, Tay, Red Dao, etc.


If you have some other worries or heard some other myths about travelling, you can contact me through the comments or the contact form below, and I'll tell you my opinion.



The opportunities I am open for

Conference speaker, magazine articles and expert interviews :

- Travel.

- Tribes of Chhattisgarh.

- India.

- Tribal festivals.

- My offbeat experiences around the World (see the topics below).

- Traditional festivals of the Basque Country.

- Customer satisfaction.

- Branding.


Freelance writing / campaigns :

 - Advertorials.

- Sponsored articles.

- Brand ambassador.


Travel Planner :

- Customized tours and private guiding in the South-west of France. Know more here

- Other destinations including Bordeaux, Paris, South-East Méditerranée, Spain, Asia, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey.



My offbeat experiences around the World

People always tell me I should write a book because I'm always the one invited everywhere, experiencing the more local and offbeat situations.

As a commercial trainer, my students always ask me for these little anecdotes that strike their mind and help them to remember what I teach.

I'm a storyteller always ready to write for magazines or talk in a conference about my offbeat experiences : 


  • Egypt : - A solo walking tour around Luxor.

                     - Alone with Ramses II in Abu Simbel temples.


  • Bali : Tooth filling ceremony and big birthday.


  • Sulawesi : - Private torajan funerals vs big funerals.

​                        - Discovering the diversity of funeral customs of Toraja.


  • Cambodia : - Adopted by a rich and famous khmer family (wedding party, family trip around the North and corruption).

​                          - Alone with the soldiers in a conflict area : Preah Vihear temple.


  • Myanmar : In a mountain village with the military junta, and how a chinese family took control of Hsipaw.


  • Thailand : 3 weeks with the burmese monks during a major cremation.


  • China - Guangxi : - Hiking alone in the middle of nowhere around Yangshuo. How a guide of Hong Fu Hotel changed my travel habits.

​                                    - Two weeks exploration of the Dong villages with my new chinese friend.


  • China - Gansu / Qinghai : - The last hours of Xiahe.

​                                                 - Celestial funerals in Langmusi.


  • India - Bastar : - Experiencing the World's longest festival with the tribes.

​                               - How the people and medias of Chhattisgarh adopted me.


  • India : Telangana : Experiencing Dandari offbeat tribal festival alone with the Gond tribe.


  • India - Rajastan : Invitation to a colourful traditional wedding in a village.


  • Northern Vietnam : 3 weeks alone with the Minorities - eating dog food.


  • Global experiences : - Tasting local delicacies (spider, dog, incubated eggs, insects).

                                         - Ashamed experiences - how I was afraid to be disrespectful.

                                           - Experiencing friendship with the buddhist monks.

                                         - How to deal with uncomfortable situations (toilets, seduction attempt).

                                         - Should we relate our bad travel experiences (and why I don't write about it).



My Philosophy with the Companies I Work With

I have always done things with passion. It's the main reason why I left my comfortable and well-paid commercial manager job. I couldn't lead my teams freely as I had always done, my company had no more values, they made pressures on employees and the service provided to customers was worse and worse...

That's why I always choose carefully the companies and people I decide to work with or promote.

  • They have to respect their employees.
  • They have to be ready to do everything to satisfy their customers.
  • They have values and are proud of it.

I use to say that the best thing my previous company taugh me is the importance of these three topics : the well-being and motivation of employees, the satisfaction of the customers, and the values of the company. Know more about customer relationship management



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Stéphanie Langlet
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Phone n°: 0033626034311

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I'm currently working on my second website about my beautiful area in France, the Basque Country and Landes + Bordeaux (I live in the beautiful southwest, 200 kilometers from the famous Bordeaux wines !). The name is Travels France. I share there some travel advices and I'll propose some customized tours for english speaking Asian people.  


I'm often featured and interviewed for different kind of publications. Learn more in the portfolio section


I also publish several online free newspapers, in french and english. It's possible to subscribe for free and even ask to be inside (it's fee also !) : 



  • Chhattisgarh, my Indianess : in english, on my favourite part of India, the tribal state of Chhattisgarh, in the center of the country.


  • Indian Tribes : in english, on the tribes of India, especially from Bastar in Chhattisgarh state.







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