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Two Tribal festivals in India in october / november

I'm very excited as it will be the first time I'll travel for 7 weeks, covering both Navratri (Dussehra or Diwali) and Diwali (the festival of lights) with the tribes.

As I will arrive in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) before Navratri, I will have time to meet Ramnamis tribes. The people of this untouchable caste worship Rama God using their body. This tradition comes from the ban to enter the temples with the other castes. In reaction, they tattooed their whole body with the name of their God. They wanted to show that they can workship their God everywhere and anytime. 

Unfortunately nowadays, the youngests don't want to do it anymore and live the area for the big cities. They are only 1 500 left.


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I will certainly have time to visit the beautiful temples of Sirpur that Siddharta Joshi introduces in this Sirpur short travel guide.


Then I'll join my dear tribes and friends in Jagdalpur to celebrate the most amazing tribal festival I have ever seen for the incredible Bastar Dussehra.





Seven days before Diwali, I will be in Adilabad district in Telangana. I was looking for informations since two years when I heard about the mysterious Gussadi festival. This tribal festival takes place in the villages around Adilabad. The Tribal men go to the villages, wearin,g peacock feathers' hat. None of my indian reporters friends know about this confidential festival. But thanks to Richa Gupta from the blog Travels and Stories, I could connect with a local reporter, Srinavas Pillalamarri. He recently wrote an article on Gussadi festival, and will help me to organize my trip ! I can of course also count on the help of the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board and my dear friend Santosh Misra.




I will also use these seven weeks to promote my private customised trips in the southwest of France for english speaking Asian people.

It's really a very interesting challenge when considering that the french and spanish promoters of the basque country refuse to work together to promote the area globally. Everything has to be done !


A new Website,, under construction

This is my second big project : the launching of a brand new website featuring the southwest of France ! will offer private customized tours for english-speaking Asian people, mainly in the basque country and Landes. My guests will enjoy the comfort of my house and I'll take them around, according to their tastes and needs, in a very personalized way. I did it so much time for my friends that I exactly know how to give them the best travel experience they can have in France.

Of course, I will also accept non-Asian people, but they are not my main target. I really want to give back all the attention and kindness I receive when I travel in Asia.

I will also extend the tour to Bordeaux, Paris and other destinations on request.

I received my new business cards to promote my tours during my next trip to India, and also wrote the Ultimate Guide to France : Do and Don't. Again, there was a real need as I found  nothing from a French writer in english !!!


Business card customized trips


As a member of the awesome website of Ann Smarty,, I was very happy to know that Ann and her staff chose september to launch Content Zero to Blogging Hero challenge #MyBlogU ! The timing is really perfect for me, as we will compete for six months to grow our new website. The challenge will give more opportunities to brainstorm with the staff, launch interviews, improve our articles with their help, and be regularly promoted.


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David Leonhardt, from the website "The Happy Guy - writing services", already featured us in an awesome article, both introducing the challenge and the contenders : Should you join the #MBUSTORM blogging challenge?  


And even the contenders promote each others in a real collaborative atmosphere !




What are you still waiting to have fun with us through this awesome challenge ?

Happy challenge to everyone !!!

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