How to promote your business or destination worldwide

Overcoming the Invisible Barriers to Growing Your Business inside and outside your country


Do you struggle to find customers or to make them happy ?

Do you have identified a problem you don't know how to solve ?

It can be difficult and take a long time to target your country's special market. It's worse for international ones, where you are dealing with a foreign language and an unfamiliar culture. It is very easy to upset someone and lose a business opportunity. You can spend longer spelling out the problem before offering your solution.

I can help you to find your audience and make the rest of the world a market for your business.


We offer you the world



An Hospitality Consultant with an International Experience


Thanks to my knowledge of asian and french cultures, my travel experience and my strong international connections, I can help you to promote your business inside and outside your own country. I especially work on the three markets I am expert in : China, India and France. My clients are mainly travel companies : hotels, travel agencies, tourism boards, etc.


As a traveller, an outsider of your establishment and a commercial manager, I have a keen eye to detect where you have to concentrate your efforts to improve your services, and propose the adequate actions.


Quality audit : finding solutions to your problems


The way we will organize it will depend on your problems and the maturity of your business.

I have been an expert of customer satisfaction and management in France for 18 years. I worked as a commercial manager to solve critical situations and also as a trainer for 4 years. So I can use different methods to help you solving your problems.


It can be an identification of your strenghtnesses, weaknesses, vision, missions, that will help to define your objectives and actions plan.

It can be a work on a problem you already identified (employees' behaviour, customer satisfaction,...).

It can be a problem I identified through my online investigations before working with you. For example, a travel company contacted me for an international promotion. By investigating online and exchanging with them, I found they hadn't identify their objectives and struggled to know how to use internet for their promotion, that leads to bad choices. They wanted to work with travel bloggers but did nothing to establish their credibility. But at the same time they did as if they were experts in the matter, that was very bad for their brand (never pretend to be someone you're not, the truth will always appears). I made the choice not to work with them as it was obvious they didn't want to change their methods. I only work with brands and people having the same values.

It can be some tensions in your staff you don't know how to deal with.


It can include anonymous investigations, direct observations and a complete review of your commercial services and / or the reputation of your brand.


I'll first realize the audit, then I will help you to create your actions plan to overcome your difficulties and attain your objectives.

We will include your team in the process as it's the best way to success.



Commercial trainings


If you need some trainings for your employees, I can organize and customize some on the topics below :


- Customer relationship : the right way to behave with a customer, to make a good first impression; how to determine his need...

- Conflict management : the different kind of violences, from incivility to physical violence; how to deal with your stress; how to deal with the stress of your customer...

- Disability issues : Behaviour and gestures.

- Foreign customers : the main traits of different nationalities, the special expectations of the westerners. 


Find some free advices and case studies on my Facebook page Customer Satisfaction and leadership in hospitality business.



Branding Campaign


If you need a branding campaign, we can organize one depending on your priorities. 


For example, we can reorganize your communication actions to find the best messages to spread.

Or we can use our networks to promote you inside and outside your country, in french, english and your own language.

Why not to communicate about our work to better satisfy the customers during an audit, or your social engagements ? Sharing a success is a big motivator for a company, it staff and customers.


The possibility are infinite, and there's only one rule : be authentic and honest !



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I can help you to expand your business in your country and worldwide

You're ready to expand your business in your country and abroad ?

Quality audit, actions plan, commercial trainings : customer relationship / foreign clients / disabled issues / conflict management.

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