Portfolio : Reporter and Trip planner, Branding


My three fields of expertise are strongly connected and related to the travel industry.


As a reporter, I write articles and make pictures and HD videos. I also participate in press / fam trip and conferences (customer satisfaction / hospitality / travel topics). You'll find my Klout score at the end of the article, and the publications I was recently published in.


As a solo traveller since 12 years and an inhabitant of the basque country and Landes, I'm often sollicated for travel tips and guided tours.

That's why next june I'll officially launch my services as a trip planner, organizing private tours in my authentic and beautiful area, but also worldwide, for english speaking Asian people mainly. Fixed or customized according to the tastes and needs of my guests, the accomodation for my area will be in a 3 pieces private flat in my house.

I'll propose some travelers to discover the tribal culture of Chhattisgarh and the World's longest festival next october. See the informations below and use the form if you wish to join us. 


As I was a commercial manager for the French railway company for 18 years, I became an expert in customer satisfaction and hospitality, and now offer my service to travel companies and destinations. I can help you with your branding, through an audit, some advices and a brand ambassador campaign. I can help you to promote your  establishment or destination in french and english.

Be aware that I'll be in India from october to april, so that it can be the perfect occasion to work on your branding or another project together !



The destinations I cover as a Reporter


Before falling in love with Asia :

  • Scotland : Highlands, Islands, Stirling, Edimburgh.
  • Italy : Florence, Roma, Napoli and around, Amalfi coast, Milan.
  • Morocco : Meknes, Fes, Rabat, Marrakech, Aït Benhaddou.
  • Egypt : Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Hurgada.

One month each.


  • Java / Bali : trance, tooth filling and big birthday (once a life). Volcanos, Borobudur...
  • China (1) : Guangxi / Qiangdonan with Baolei, a chinese young guy who is now like my brother. Hong Kong islands.
  • Thailand : 3 weeks of the trip spent with the Burmese monks in Mae Sot during a very big cremation (the leader of the temple, dead 7 years before). Sukhotai, Ayuttaya, Tak, Chiang Mai, Soppong, Mae Sariang... A fabulous trip with the minorities along the burmese border.
  • Cambodia : Invitation to a wedding party and a family trip with a famous singer / TV speaker. Preah Vihear during the thai-khmer conflit. Angkor.
  • Vietnam : One month with the northern minorities in the north west and extreme north east (military area). The offbeat part of Halong Bay and Quan Lan island.
  • Myanmar : Paya Schwedagon festival, hiking around Bagan / Inlay Lake / Hsipaw / Tribes.
  • Sulawesi : Tanah Toraja and funeral customs. Aluk Todolo : oral tradition of torajan people. And the best coffee of the world !!! Selayar island.
  • Singapore / Kuala Lumpur : religious festivals.
  • China (2) : Ancient tibetan Amdo (Gansu / Qinghai). Celestian funerals. Xi'an. Shanghai. Suzhou.
  • Sri Lanka : not the best souvenir because of men behaviour. Colombo Perahera / Maha Shivaratri / Jaffna and islands / Trincomalee.
  • India (1) : Tamil Nadu / Kerala. Nandi bathing in Tanjavur. Two days in the jungle in Peryar reserve. Mumbai.
  • India (2) : Arakku Valley and Bastar. The most beautiful and long festival of the world, the 75 days-long Bastar Dussehra with the tribes.
  • India (3) : Srinagar / Ladakh / Zanskar. 4 days with the nomads in the mountains. Ramadan with a family in Kashmir. Leh and around. Zanskar during summer.
  • India (4) : Bastar Dussehra again, Dandari festival in Telangana and a rajastani wedding in a village.


I'm preparing my 5th trip in India, from the end of september to april : Tribal culture and offbeat places of Chhattisgarh, Dandari festival in Telangana, North-East.


Central India accepted me as a member of their states, and I can participate to the tribal festivals only locals know, as Dandari.



Contact me through this form to ask for an article, fam trip or conference

Propose a lecture, press trip, ask for an article

A passionate Traveller as me is always looking for new opportunities to share her experience, and discover new places.

If you want me to participate to a press trip, project, write an article for your magazine, give a lecture in your tourism or business school, fill this form and I'll contact you shortly. 

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My experience as a Trip Planner


I always organize my solo trips by myself and I also often create some customized itineraries for others and small group tours. 


Baolei (China) Honeymoon : Paris / Basque Country / Nice / Barcelona / Paris.

My chinese brother convinced me to launch my own customized tours after I did it for him.


Marcel Marques (French photographer) : Bastar, Chhattisgarh - India.


Kumiko Matsubayashi (japanese student in Paris) : A total immersion in the Basque Country's culture for one week. Traditional offbeat festivals as "Fête Dieu".


Olite medieval festival for a group of 10 people, during 3 days : hiking in Urbasa Sierra / San Martin de Unx / Leyre monastery / Foz de Lumbier - Arbayun.


Marc : Tribal Tour around Chhattisgarh.


Abhinav Singh : Northern Vietnam with the minorities.


And many others I helped a little or a lot !

That's why it seems so natural for me to launch my private guided tours company in the Southwest of France, for english speaking Asian people mainly.

I'm very familiar with the asian culture I'm fond of, and am able to adapt your trip and experiences in France to your needs and desires.

But of course, everyone is welcome !


Learn more about my area and my house on this page.


And I'll propose three other tours soon :

- The Great South Wow Tour in June and September.

- Tribal Chhattisgarh during the World's longest Festival at the end of september (it will start on the 1st of october).


Contact me through this form for more informations and plan your trip

Insider Trip in the South West of France


Ready to explore the Basque Country and Landes as a local ?

Want at the same time to discover Bordeaux and it famous wines ? Romantic Paris ?

Reserve your insider experience or ask more questions by filling this form.

I can also help you to plan the rest of your tour around Europe, and even guide you there.





What I can do for your Branding


Some of my successes :

  • I made a commercial audit then realized an actions plan in order to avoid the closure of the train tickets shop in the center of Biarritz. The incomes and hotels reservations largely went over the objectives fixed by the Direction, and the shop was saved.
  • I organized the service of cars transportation according to the new certification rules in Biarritz railway station, and the auto train terminal passed the national audit successfully. 
  • The selling teams I managed always had the best results of the area, as I'm a fervent supporter of collaborative management, customized trainings, trust and customer satisfaction. And I also strongly believe in happiness in work to give the best of ourselves !
  • Special guest in the innovation forums of the company as the best contributor to innovation in my area.
  • Conferences in the high-schools to prevent accidents and bad behaviours in the trains and railway stations for 10 years.
  • I've created and animated my own trainings according to the needs of the teams (international trains and offer, after-sales). Thanks to my manager experience, I exactly knew the problems the sellers had and could solve it with the trainings.
  • I worked with the national teams to find solutions about our critical trains and anticipate the absence of international connections.
  • Railway station representative in Saint Jean de Luz and Ciboure : meetings with officials.
  • I highlighted the work of  an employee on tourism opportunities. Our reception desk became also a tourism information thanks to the use of our collaborative tools. We helped the neighbouring stations to do the same and the official tourism informations used our work ! 
  • Conflict and problems management in an international railway station. We often had to find solutions when people had no more train connections and deal with their stress. As the manager of the reception team, I always helped my staff to organize the alternative solutions and managed the hardest cases to lead by example. I have great souvenirs of stressed customers turned very happy and grateful, as I never lost my temper, stayed with them and informed them, was honest on the problems.


Management, marketing, customer satisfaction are strongly connected to Branding. Brand management means to identify your strenghts and weaknesses, better know your objectives, vision and mission. After this reflection, I will give you some advices and, if you wish, we will customize a branding campaign together.


I love challenges and solving problems. So be prepared to see your teams totally invested in customer satisfaction and the success of your company.

I know how to get the best of everyone and inspire.

According to the results of the audit, I'm able to realize customized trainings, help you to create an actions plan and overcome your difficulties to attain your objectives.

If you wish, we will organize a campaign in which I will be your brand ambassador.


If you want to know how I can help you to improve your customer satisfaction and promote your establishment, also visit this page



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I can help you to expand your business in your country and worldwide

You're ready to expand your business in your country and abroad ?

Quality audit, actions plan, commercial trainings : customer relationship / foreign clients / disabled issues / conflict management.

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Contests and influence


Winner of Explore Chhattisgarh Contest.

Collaboration with Chhattisgarh Tourism Board.

Collaborative Blog on Chhattisgarh (guest articles).

Influencer for Chhattisgarh destination, and Central India.


Holidify : Top Travel Blogger.


Klout Score : 67 (18/08/16). 


I also consider my network as a big richness, both my strong connections with local people in the basque country and Landes, my close asian friends and my online supporters. They are not only followers or business acquaintances. They are a real community, ready to collaborate in the promotion of their destination, passions and work. I would be nothing without them and our collaborative work, as I wouldn't have these great results as a manager without the awesome collaboration of my staffs. I strongly believe in people, trust and collaboration.



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